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Being environment-friendly is not something that is just a tree-hugger’s mantra. Has anyone stopped to consider how completely unaware we are of our own contribution to making this earth a sadly depleted place to live on?

How many of us have watched shows and read about global warming, the ozone layer depletion, climatic changes, saving the environment, stop cutting trees, etc, etc.? And what do we do about it? Nod our heads sagely, and file away some piece of information to be brought up in conversation at the next office party, so that we appear erudite, and then promptly go about doing our work in our air-conditioned offices. Does anyone see the irony in this?

There are several ways in which we can save the environment with our little individual efforts, and enable our children to also become more aware and conscious of how they can protect their future.

• Encourage your children to not sharpen their pencils quite as much. They may be encouraged to use the mechanical pencils, so that quite as much wood isn’t used.
• Buy the wipe and erase kind of laminated sheets, for your children to practise handwriting or tables. Use fewer notebooks. • Ensure you give adequate practice in writing, and mental math. Give your child the right steps to working out a problem, so that they don’t have to erase and/ or tear as many pages.
• Take them to a farm for them to understand the entire cycle of how long it takes to grow a crop. Let them understand the painstaking labour and work that goes into growing a single tomato or banana. They will not be so quick to throw or waste their food.
• Encourage the children to open windows and enjoy the fresh air. Use less power at home. Get into the habit of switching off all electronic devices and appliances when not in use.
• Teach your children not to waste water. Try having them brush their teeth using a mug of water, or having a bath using one bucket, rather than leaving the tap on.
• Set an example – try to walk wherever possible, carpool with colleagues if possible, do not litter, segregate waste, use re-usable containers and bags, pay bills online, don’t use the printer too much.
• Do not be quick to drop your children by car everywhere. Encourage them to use their bicycles, or walk.
• Put the ban on video games. Encourage your children to play outdoors
• Try to recycle wherever possible.