Education is merely not transfer of acquired skills in a step-by-step fashion, but it is a process in which students are exposed to different subjects and real-life situations that will equip them to face life for real.

A consolidated life skill framework that has been included in the curriculum, helps the students in growing up as confident and well-groomed personalities who are sure on how they can lead an ethically balanced life. There are designated life skill classes students can attend that help polish and groom their personalities, raising a generation of ladies and gentleman.



Connecting with the inner-self is essential for the well-being of any child right from their childhood. We, at Litera Valley Zee School use Art and Craft as a tool to help our students in bringing out their hidden talents with respect to art. Students are encouraged to spread their imagination on canvas or sketch and colour it out on a piece of paper. Art education at our school teaches students how to interpret, criticize, and visualise information, and how to make choices based on it teaching them the value of aesthetics.

By involving and engaging students in art and craft activities, the students not only learn and acquire a new skill but also have their perspective towards life modified. It not only adds colours and figures but also pumps in them a sense of adapting an aesthetic approach to anything they do.

Art education in our school teaches students how to interpret, criticize, and use visual information, and how to make choices based on it.

The benefits of including art and craft for kids help them in,

  • Extending their thinking across multiple patterns of intelligence

  • Develop higher thinking skills

  • Enhance multicultural understandings

  • Build self esteem

  • Gain positive emotional responses to learning

  • Engage through a variety of learning styles

The researchers suggest that children exposed to arts and crafts are able to think “out of the box”; since a lot of working with hands involve figuring out how to solve problems creatively. Like any other subjects, art is also a subject in which a child can see his/her reflection and WE make it possible.



Dance the language of the soul is encouraged highly at the school as it builds self-confidence and teaches body language. Various types of dance are taught at this school such as Classical, Western and Retro so the students can explore the style of expression that suits them the best.

We have professional dance instructors to teach Western and Classical Dance. Extensive training by expert choreographers is given to lay a platform to explore and experience the demands of dance to enhance the students’ intrinsic talent to the greatest extent.


The students are exposed to different styles of music. Experts in the field of music (both Classical and Western) train the students to inculcate a liking for the art from a very young age. Students are also trained in handling various instruments. We have a school musical band led by a professional trainer.



Soilless Agriculture or Hydroponics is a revolution in the field of farming wherein produce of excellent quality can be harvested without using soil. We take great pride and pleasure in presenting Soilless Agriculture or Hydroponics to our students as it not only demonstrates how agriculture is possible with only water rich in nutrients, not relying on a soil base but also educates them that any given situation can be handled in a very effective way with a varied and innovative approach.

Being the First School in the country to demonstrate Soilless Agriculture in school, we have a complete setup of Hydroponics in place that demonstrates the overall functionality of the system and how it can be effectively used in large scale farming as well.