At Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur the safety of the students is of paramount importance both on and off-campus, especially during their commute via the school buses. Over 200 CCTV cameras with 360° surveillance have been installed in the buses as well as all around the campus. The buses are also equipped with speed governors and seat belts, ensuring the complete safety of the child. The students are provided with a Smart-ID card that has an inbuilt application allowing parents to track the movements of their children and even prompts them when the bus is scheduled to arrive.


We treat our students as an extension of our own family. To ensure that they stay safe even during commutes to and from school premises, we introduced the Escort Card for Kindergarten up to Grade I classes. To ensure that tiny tots are safely handed over to their respective parents / guardians after school, the Escort Card has details of the designated adult responsible for each child.

As they rightly say, nothing comes second to safety or even, security!


“True sportsmanship is excellence in motion!”.

At Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur, we have partnered with MS Dhoni Sports Academy for students Grade-III and above to ensure that the quality of education even in terms of sportsmanship is not compromised upon. Efficient and experienced coaches are invited into the campus periodically to help the children hone their skills and imbue in them the qualities of a leader and a sportsman.


For overall health and well-being, Yoga is mandatory for the students and staff, alike. This ensures mental wellness and the ability to channelise energy through this peaceful art form. Yoga also helps focus on flexibility, mobility and strengthening of both the mind and the body.

Apart from providing the students with well-qualified coaches, we also provide them with state-of-the-art training facilities. The fully-synthetic Basketball and Tennis courts meet international standards, the Swimming Pool is 25 meters in length which is half the size of an Olympic pool. We also have 6 Cricket pitches, a Volleyball court, a Badminton court and top-notch equipment for indoor sports such as Chess, Carrom, Table Tennis, etcetera. Our newly constructed 4-acre cricket pitch is quite the jewel at the school that would have surely made even Sir Don Bradman proud!


holistic learning

Here, at Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur, we paused to ask ourselves this, “if technology has advanced so much in the last 100 years, why had the traditional method of education remained the same?” We tackled this situation with the help of the obvious, yet simple solution - Virtual Reality [VR]. Each student is given a VR headset so he or she can visualize concepts in 3D and grasp them better and enhance their imagination in a more evolved manner than the way traditional books may not.


holistic learning

Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur, recognises the importance of the holistic development of every student on campus and strongly believes that practical, hands-on experience will help the students grasp, understand and retain information better than the traditional chalk-and-board way of teaching. Interactive whiteboards are a standard feature in every classroom making learning more colourful and less boring than the traditional chalk-and-board method allowing students to engage with the subjects better and with more detailed interest.



Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur is one of the few schools in the World (perhaps the only one!), to offer Robotics as part of the curriculum right from Grade I. We introduced Robotics in Association with Lego, USA and have the proud distinction of introducing curricular tablet-based learning in South-India. This simply goes on to show once more, how much we value the practical hands-on learning experience.


Teaching at Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur is enhanced with advanced modern facilities and the latest technology. Students are given the opportunity to have Skype sessions and Virtual Field Trips facilitated by Microsoft Education. This allows them to interact with other students and teachers all around the world for a more collaborative and global learning experience. These sessions are facilitated by the on-campus Microsoft Innovative Educators.

international exposure

We aim to give our students digital as well as practical global exposure. Towards this, the students were given the chance to go to NASA, USA. Those selected for the program had the privilege of enrolling in the Space School Program and received certificates of merit thereby, immortalizing the memories and knowledge gained during their visit.