At Litera Valley Zee School, we give utmost importance to the safety and security of the students both on campus and during their travel in the buses. More than 150 CCTV cameras on 360° surveillance are installed all around the campus and in the buses to ensure the security of the children. The buses are also installed with CCTV cameras, speed governors and seat belts, ensuring the complete safety of the child.


Usage of Escort Card is also in practice for Kindergarten till Garde I, in order to ensure that the tiny-tots are handed over safely only to their respective parents/guardians authorized by the school in the Escort Card with their photographs.


Sports facilities are on par with the international sports championship facilities. The tennis and basketball courts are of US standards, and the swimming pool is half-Olympic size. The school has a fully synthetic international standard Basketball & Tennis Courts, 4 Cricket Pitches, Volley Ball Court and Badminton Court. Higher standard facilities are also made available for various indoor sports activities like Table Tennis, Chess, Carrom, etc.


We have partnered with with MS Dhoni Sports Academy (Grade III and above) to provide quality sports education to our children. Efficient and experienced coaches are invited into the campus periodically to train our children.

Yoga is also mandated for all the students and staff to ensure mental fitness and energy.


holistic learning

Virtual Reality is the latest buzzword in this wonderful world of technology. Virtual Reality provides an unparalleled way to immerse and captivate students of all ages. We, at our school provide students with Virtual Reality headsets that help students immerse in the experience, gripping their imagination in ways not possible with traditional books.


holistic learning

Litera Valley Zee School has a very clear vision and target set for the holistic development of each and every child on campus. The traditional chalk-and-board way of teaching has been replaced with practical sessions incorporated for providing the students with hands-on experience in acquiring knowledge about any new concept that they come across. Interactive White Boards are a basic feature of every other classroom right from Pre KG till Grade XII in order to add a garnished topping of audio/visual effects to every other theoretical concept that is served to our students in an interesting platter. This makes learning at Litera Valley Zee School fun, interesting and long lasting.

All the subjects, irrespective of whether they are math or science, languages or extra-curricular activities, they are provided to the students in a colorful and interesting platter that every child on campus develops a taste and liking for the subject.

Problem-solving skills are rapidly developed because of the systematic and the scientific approaches that are used for teaching and retention of the topic that really helps the students in taking the topmost stand in all the fields whether it is science or math.



Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur is the only school, perhaps in the whole World, to offer Robotics as part of the curriculum right from Std I. The school has associated with international names in furthering education, and has introduced Robotics in Association with Lego, USA and curricular tablet-based learning for the first time in South-India.


Students at Litera Valley Zee School are provided with great facilities, latest technology, advanced and digital methodology of teaching, making the latest in technology available, and so on. All these things are done only with a soul intention of providing them with the best in education and equipping them for a technology driven future in par with the international standards. This not only boost their academic performance but also boosts their inner morale grooming them into all-set youth of the future.

international exposure

The students were taken to NASA,USA in order to give the students hand-on experience in learning from the experts. The students also had the privilege of enrolling themselves in the Space School Program, NASA, USA and an opportunity to pass out with certificates of merit making their trip and knowledge acquired at NASA a memorable and permanent one.

Students are also provided with options to have Skype sessions and Virtual Field Trips facilitated by Microsoft Education in order to interact with students and teachers across the globe for collaborative learning. These sessions are facilitated by our Microsoft Innovative Educators on-campus, providing our students a world class learning experience.