Kinder Garden



  • Our School prides itself on its attention to detail, and ensuring the best of technology is available to be utilized in every single classroom.

  • The first batch of STD XII also passed out with great zeal and success. All our students are now placed in reputed top institutions across the globe, all on pure merit basis.

  • Special preparatory training sessions also take place on a regular basis alongside their syllabus, ensuring a cake walk for the students through NEET, JEE and other equivalent competitive examinations.

  • Each of the spacious classrooms is equipped with an Interactive White Board, a white marker board and a chalk board.

  • There is ample seating room for 35-40 children, although not more than 30 children are accommodated in a single classroom to ensure individual attention.

  • We foster a positive learning environment with focus on concepts and hands-on learning using tablets.

  • The students of all the batches of STD X passed in flying colours for the past 3 consecutive years.

  • A strong foundation has been built and developed over the years in Math, Science, Language and Robotics.

  • Projects in hydroponics and organic farming also took shape, with the students growing plants through hydroponics.

  • Strengthening the English language skills and to ensure continuous and complete language development in students, the school has an official tie-up with Karadi Path right from Pre KG till Grade III. The proven and tested methods used, not only helps the students enhance their vocabulary but also provides them with input on speaking and presentation skills.


Every school has an annual day, wherein selected students participate and demonstrate the best of Kindergarten at our school aims to provide a second home for your toddlers and that’s why we take utmost care to ensure that every child is nourished and nurtured in a way to achieve their true potential. Curriculum for KG is designed to ensure students receive their foundational education and social skills required for the progressing grades.


We at Litera Valley Zee School follow the Blended Learning Method which not only focuses on teaching the students from text books within walls but also creates room for exploration using multiple learning tools. Our teaching methodology changes both the traditional approach of the teachers and the students towards teaching/learning giving the students a wide platform to have them groomed as a strong personality. All the concepts are taught through Play-Way method that enables all the children in understanding and applying their learning in real time.