“If you want your child to get the best education possible, it is actually more important to get him assigned to a great teacher than to a great school.” – Bill Gates

We challenge not only the abilities of our students, but also that of all our teachers. Being a teacher is a task of huge responsibility, and being one in Litera Valley Zee School is a matter of great pride and huger responsibility, as we are carving the future here.

Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur has a proud team of extremely well-qualified and energetic teachers on board. The vision to achieve the best, be the best, and produce the best students is one that is shared by the school management and teachers alike. To this end, the teachers are constantly trained on the latest teaching techniques, and undergo a variety of motivational and team-building programs. They are no longer traditional teachers, but crafters of the future citizens of the world.

The potential candidates undergo 2 rounds of personal interviews, and a demonstration class before they can qualify to join the team. While qualifications and experience are a definite added advantage, many of the successful teachers in our school have had little to no prior experience, and have shown a learning curve so steep and a desire to improve themselves and their students so intense that they today are the leaders of the change that we bring about in the school and students.

It is far more important to want to learn, than to want to teach – this is the hallmark of a successful teacher, especially one in a modern, international-standards school, where we are constantly reinventing the future.

Teachers Detail

S.No Name Qualification Designation
2 BHUVANESWARI .C M. Sc., B. Ed Principal & Correspondent
5 VIMALA .C M.A., B.ED, DT.ED, B.Lit(Tamil) Facilitator
6 DEVARAJAN .M DFT Music Teacher
7 HEMAMALINI .E M.Com., HDSE, MBA Academic Co-ordinator
8 MINI SANJEEV B.Com., PGDCA,NTT Facilitator
9 SANGEETHA .M B.Sc., B.Ed., B.A (DD) Facilitator
10 KAVITHA .S B.Sc., B.Ed Facilitator
11 GAYATHRI .N M.Com., B.Ed Academic Co-ordinator
12 PRIYA .R D.T.Ed.,B.A., B.Ed Facilitator
13 SINDU BAIRAVI B.Sc (Computer Technology), MBA (HR & IT) Facilitator
14 ASHWINI .S B.Sc (Computer Technology), MBA (IT) Facilitator
15 ANNALAKSHSMI M.A., B.Ed. Facilitator
16 NISHA DEVI .K B.Com.(C.A), M.F.C, MBA Facilitator
17 JAYA SUDHA B.Sc Facilitator
18 PARAMITA DAS BA Facilitator
19 SATHYA .R B.Sc., DPPTT Facilitator
20 KALAI SELVI .S M.A., B.Ed., MBA Facilitator
21 PANKAJAM B.Sc., B.Ed. Dip in Montessori, MBA Facilitator
22 SUMATHI .S M.Sc., M.Phil., PGDBI, B.Ed Facilitator
23 GOMATHI .K.M M.A., M.Phil., PGDCA Facilitator
24 SAILAJA .N B.C.A, MBA Facilitator
25 SARALA .K M.A., B.Ed. Facilitator
26 LOGAMBAL BCA., MBA Facilitator
27 VELAYUTHAM .M Dip. In Yoga Naturapathy Yoga Teacher
28 ANAND RAJ B.A., M.P.Ed., M.Phil., PG Dip in Yoga Physical Director
29 SAGAYA ANTONY VINOTH .V B.Sc., B.Ed., D.Ted Facilitator
30 PRABA .S M.A., M.Phil., SET Facilitator
31 MADHUMITA B.A Facilitator
32 VALENTINA MACEDO B.A (English) Facilitator
33 KARTHIGA .S MCA., B.Ed Facilitator
34 MANJUSHA .A.V M.A Facilitator
35 KARTHIKAL .S M.Sc., M.Phil., Facilitator
36 KAMAKSHI MA Facilitator
37 SOUJANYA .R M.Sc., B.Ed (Math) Facilitator
38 FARZANA. A BCA Facilitator
39 REMYA .M.R M.Sc., B.Ed Facilitator
40 VAIJAYANTHI .M M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed Facilitator
41 SHOBHA RANI .S B.A, M.Lisc., DCAA Librarian
42 FELCITA M.Com Facilitator
43 RAGAVENTHIRAN .E B.B.A., B.P.Ed Physical Director
44 SHEEBA .X M.A., B.Ed Facilitator
45 FATHIMA M.Sc Facilitator
46 BAMA M.Sc., B.Ed Facilitator
47 SANGITA DEVI M.A., B.Ed Facilitator
48 LALITHA.H M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed Facilitator
49 ASHA. A B.A Facilitator
50 SRAVYA LATHA. B B.Tech Facilitator
51 NIVEDITHA . S NTT, (B.A) Facilitator
52 NANDHINI. L B.A ., B.Ed Facilitator
53 SHRUTHI. B B.Sc Facilitator
54 KANTHA PRIYA. C B.E., B.A., B.Ed Facilitator
55 NAGAMANJULA. R MCA., (Ph.D) Facilitator
56 BHARGAVI. B.S DIP. IN IT., B.Com Facilitator
57 MADHAN KUMAR. R B.A Facilitator
58 SHANMUGAPRIYA. K M.Sc., M.Phil., Co-Ordinator
59 SRIDHAR M.Sc., B.Ed., DT.Ed Facilitator
60 NAZIYA BANU B.A Facilitator
61 PAVITHRA. R BVA Facilitator
62 AARTHY.V M.Sc., B.Ed Facilitator
63 AASAI RAJA.M M.Sc.,B.Ed Facilitator
64 BABITA KUMARI M.A., B.Ed Facilitator
65 BERCINOVA K MARAK M.A Facilitator
66 BRINDHA.V B.B.A., MBA Facilitator
67 JAYANTHI.R M.Sc (Geography with Tourism) Facilitator
68 JAYASREE.T B.F.A Facilitator
69 JOYCE B.Sc., B.Ed Facilitator
70 KIRTIKA.IYER B.Com Facilitator
71 KRISHNAVENI.K.P M.A., B.Ed Facilitator
72 LAKSHMI PRIYA.S MCA Facilitator
73 NAVYA. M. S (B.A) Facilitator
74 NIRUPAMA. S B.Tech (IT) Facilitator
75 NITHYA BOOMA. R M.A., B.Ed Facilitator
76 PRABHA. T. R B.Tech (IT) Facilitator
77 PRIYANKA. M B.A Facilitator
78 PUSHPA PRIYA. K B.Sc., B.Ed Facilitator
79 REVATHI. P DCE., B.A., Montessori - I Yr Course Facilitator
80 SATHIYA PRIYA. V BCA.,M.Sc (IT) Facilitator
81 SRIMATHI. S M.A., B.Ed Facilitator
82 SUBATHRADEVI. C B.Sc., MBA Facilitator
83 SUMATHI. N M.Sc., B.Ed Facilitator
84 VARADARAJU. K. M B.E Facilitator
85 VIDYA. K B.Sc Facilitator