‘A book is just not a learning tool, but it is a magic wand in hand that grooms, shapes and moulds a person into a complete magnetic personality of the future.’

Books have thousands of known benefits but are beneficial only when they are used. Inculcation of reading habit in young children becomes vital as a habit developed in the early ages becomes their personality and routine in the future. This is the reason why students at Litera Valley Zee School are emphasized to read as many books as possible.

The library situated in the Knowledge Tower is a spacious and well-ventilated athenaeum with more than 10000 books.A wide range of books on different genres is accessed regularly by the students and the teachers. Many reference books are available for the teachers and students. The teachers and students are allocated one library period in their time table every week to inculcate the reading habit.


The accessibility of books is made easy by arranging the books according to the subjects, genres and age levels.Many activities like book reviews, designing a book cover, storytelling sessions are planned to promote reading habit among the students and teachers. The students are also given the option of picking (borrowing) books from the library for at-home reading.