Mr. Chandrasekar(Chairman)

Mr R. Chandrasekar has been a businessman for over 25 years and is a visionary who abides by a simple motto - ‘Like, Love, Learn’. He firmly believes that only if you like something, would you love to learn the same. If not, learning will seem like a tedious and insurmountable task.

He was passionate about transferring his lofty way of thought to the future generation. It was precisely then that he struck upon his eureka moment and started the Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur.

Mr R. Chandrasekar encourages the children at Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur, to learn to love the process of learning with the belief that if you love learning, nothing will seem impossible to grasp. Rather it will be a challenge you welcome and are eager to overcome.

Mr R. Chandrasekar received his Bachelor of Engineering from Madras University and received State Rank First for his diploma. He believes that the all-around development of character must be encouraged at all schools. He tackles this at Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur, by making sure the children are taught more than just bookish knowledge and are introduced to more practical life skills. He tackles various problems adults may have in the future at a very young age, as he says “it's easier to condition the young mind and inculcate good habits. Habits are like trees, the more they grow, the harder it is to change them.”

At Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur, students are taught to build self-confidence through art forms and are also taught the importance of agriculture as part of their curriculum and how to be entrepreneurial with their work. Mr R. Chandrasekar is the President of Young Entrepreneur School, Hosur as well as Senior President, Export Promotion Council, Hosur. He aims to inculcate entrepreneurship from a young age through fun and creative tasks. He cultivates the creativity of the children and encourages them to write stories, all the stories written by the children are combined and published as a book and the children receive profits from the book. This teaches them about the several careers they can explore and get exposed to from a very young age. In this case, writing and entrepreneurship.

Mr R. Chandrasekar is a very strong advocate for sports, he has tried and played almost every sport and strongly emphasises that different sports can teach different disciplines and that good sportsmanship is a cornerstone in the development of a child’s personality. Mr R. Chandrasekar himself, a star athlete and encourages sports as also, the sportsmanship spirit. It is due to a strong viewpoint in sports that it is given due impetus. He states that what makes Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur, different from other schools is that it is a family-run school.

Mr R. Chandrasekar is an Educationist and a 21st-century education expert. He sees that the world has changed over the past one hundred years, but the method of teaching and learning has remained the same. He takes on this task to challenge the traditional means and processes by which schools in India and abroad are teaching. He strongly believes that there is a more effective way for learning; which is by using a more proactive, hands-on and modern approach of teaching.

Mr R Chandrasekar has partnered with Microsoft to make sure the children have access to the best software available for his mission to modernize education. Embracing and implementing a more digitalized means for students to learn and immerse themselves in their interest and approach their interests in as many ways as possible, he understands that different children have different learning patterns.

Mrs. Bhuvaneswari Chandrasekar(Principal & Correspondent)

Mrs C Bhuvaneswari has had an immense passion for learning and teaching, alike. It all began right from her formative years as both her parents were Headmasters of schools. She has been surrounded by education administration for several years. Mrs C Bhuvaneswari has been a businesswoman for over 25 years and is now the Principal of Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur, and regards education to the highest standard.

Mrs C Bhuvaneswari did her bachelors in education setting her on track to take up her current role as the Principal of Zee School Valley, Hosur. Passionate about studies, she also pursued her masters in Physics. As they say, learning never stops!

Mrs C Bhuvaneswari further did her MBA in 2012 enabling her to oversee the administration of the school efficiently and effectively.

Apart from overseeing the administration of the school, Mrs C Bhuvaneswari also sees to the well being of all the staff and students acting like ‘the mother away from home’. She ensures that the life skills of the student are developing well and aids in counselling them. She strongly believes that education is a service industry investing in the future of the nation. The students and staff always come first; she approaches any problem with compassion and understanding. She believes in the words of Robert Collier “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” She embodies the belief that communication is key, different children perceive and process information differently. “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” – W.B. Yeats and as we all know, there’s more than one way to fuel a fire. She ensures that the communication between the administration and the students is crystal clear. Each class is 30 - 40 mins long and students are given a short multiple-choice question test. Should the average of the class be lower than anticipated, the class is repeated before moving onto the next topic.

Mrs C Bhuvaneswari received an award from the World Communication Forum, Geneva, Switzerland. She focuses entirely on the know-how of academics, events, curriculum and extracurricular activities. She has been instrumental in designing a curriculum that enhances the all-round development of the child that includes sports, arts, dance, and agriculture. Ensuring the physical, creative and entrepreneurial growth as well as the development of their self-esteem.

Mrs C Bhuvaneswari has taken it upon herself to make Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur, one of the best schools in the world and takes action towards this goal with a methodical and hands-on approach.

Mr. Vineeth Chandrasekar(Vice Chairman)

Mr Vineeth Chandrasekar has completed his B.Tech from Vellore Institute of Technology University (VIT) and MS in Management Science (Marketing and Operations) from the University of Texas at Dallas, TX, USA.

Mr Vineeth Chandrasekar was the gold medal recipient as the topper of the college and received a high distinction with a dazzling 4.0 CGPA. A task that needs sheer dedication, willpower and focus. It is with these same attributes that Mr Vineeth Chandresekar has been working at the Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur. To ensure that it becomes one of the best educational institutes in the world. His speciality lies in the field of mathematics where he scored 100% in both 10th and 12th Grades. He takes to heart the words of H W Longfellow. “The heights of great men achieved and kept were not attained by sudden flight. But they when their companions slept were toiling upwards in the night.”

Mr Vineeth Chandresekar was brought in by his parents to boost the overall performance of the students in this field with his expertise on innovative learning and has worked tirelessly to ensure the growth of the school. A tech enthusiast, Mr Vineeth Chandrasekar has been instrumental in challenging the traditional means of education. He has played a crucial role in the digitalization of the school. His contribution has been vital in bringing in the Microsoft team and transforming Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur, into a Microsoft Smart School. He himself is a certified Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert.

Not just a star in the field of academics and technology, Mr Vineeth Chandrasekar is also a star athlete and has played several sports. He is a state-level basketball player and played cricket and football at the district level. With his passion for sports that is evident in the features of the school. He has been instrumental in bringing in the MS Dhoni Cricket Academy to the school and making it a part of the curriculum from Grade-III onwards. He has been relentless in persuading Mr Mahendra Singh Dhoni to join the program not just for Cricket, but for sports, as a whole. He was able to convince the Academy into bringing in expert coaches for all sports and not cricket alone. He has also played a vital role in making sure the facilities provided for the students of the best quality. Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur, is the only school in the region to have synthetic courts for basketball and tennis. They have a 4-acre cricket ground and the facilities for their other sports are top-notch.

Mr Vineeth Chandrasekar is very hands-on in the overall running of the school. He has specialized in operations, event management and marketing. Ever since he has been onboarded, the student admissions rate has jumped from two hundred students per year to almost three hundred and fifty students per year. He is also an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) trained event organiser and has experience in organising events with more than fifty-thousand visitors. Mr Vineeth Chandrasekar helps in organising various events for the school, events such as robotics competitions, hackathons, dance events, sports events, etcetera. Mr Vineeth Chandrasekar wants every student at Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur, to have the best experience they can in every field critical to the development of a modern, smart, tech-savvy human being. He actively works towards this goal hoping to serve as an example to all schools and to show them that there is, in fact, a better way to approach education.

Ms Deepitha KR(Director)

Ms Deepitha KR has completed her B.Tech from PES University, Bangalore and her MS in Management from COX Business School, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX, USA. For a period of two years, she worked as an Analyst in American International Group, Bangalore. Apart from just academics, following the theme of the family, Mrs Deepitha is also good at sports and is a very ardent Badminton Player. She has played Badminton at the district level.

Ms Deepitha KR is a specialist in the field of computer science and has been of paramount importance when it comes to introducing the current policies such as the four-level recruitment policy, as well as future policies the school is planning to implement so that we can assure the safety of the children and quality of the education offered.

She has also been instrumental in the development of the custom computer science curriculum that enables the students at Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur, to learn advanced yet absolutely crucial and necessary computer skills such as programming, coding, C+ and C++, to name a few.

“Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.” – Martin Fowler.

The children at Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur, are given the opportunity to apply and practise these skills at various events and competitions such as programming challenges and hackathons. We aspire to teach them to write codes for humans to understand, equipping them with what can be called one of the most vital skillsets for future generations.

“In a time of drastic change, it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves equipped to live in a world that no longer exists.” – Eric Hoffer

Ms Deepitha KR is also a certified Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and was largely the force behind getting the school to sign up with the Microsoft Aspire School Program. She is one of four Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts at Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur. Making it the only school in India to have that many certified Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts in a single location. The quality and consistency of the high standard of digital learning offered at the Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur is matchless.

Ms Deepitha KR is also the director of the human resources team and also specialized in Human Resources and Marketing. She ensures and oversees the administration work of the school and pays close attention so as to not overlook anything. She leaves no stone unturned when looking out for the school, the students and the staff and makes sure that the school has the best of the best staff and teachers so the students get the quality they deserve and we promise. Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur, has a four-level hiring process where first, the candidate is taken to the attention of the administration followed by the heads of various departments. Only after passing these levels of verification, the candidate is interviewed by the human resource team and then finally, by the Chairman of Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur. This is to ensure that the staff at Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur, are indeed the cream of the crop and as parents, you know your children are in the safest and most able hands. A few simple skills and procedures can go a long way in guaranteeing the safety of our children and Mrs Deepitha goes all out to ensure their safety.